Balash the Sanguine


Standing a few inches over 6 feet, Balash is a red-half dragon. His scales are of a fiery red hue, his underbelly scales closer to a golden yellow. Large in build, he is able to support the weight of his ornate half-plate armor well. A prime speciimen of his kind, Balashes corded arms and thick tail are powerful enough to break bones. His face is angular and pointed, a pair of large pointed two front teeth a prominint feature in addiiton to his large eyes and backswept ear frills.

He wields his greatsword, Manslayer in battle. A holy symbol to Tiamat, it feeds off the blood of the living and in turn, allowing Balash to become stronger with each blow dealt.


Balash (also called Balash the Sanguine) was the leader of a group of half-dragons, lizardmen and kobolds who occupied the abandoned Cragfoot Keep.

As a red half-dragon, Balash held reverence to the Dragon-Queen Tiamat, gaining her blessings to achieve greater power. Through displays of power and treachery, he was able to muster a force large enough to garrison and defend the keep, giving him a base of operations.

There he started his work with blood magics, transforming captive creatures into half-dragon abominations. These foul magics stemmed from the blood of his half-brother; a young red dragon who he had betrayed, near slain and locked away. Draining him of his blood and keeping his captive weak, Balash was able to safely continue his work, creating his monsters from unwary adventurers, creatures of the wild, and local willing participants such as orcs, ogres, ettins, and in one case, a hill giant.

Balash’s work was ultimately halted by a group of heroes who first infiltrated his keep, then attacked. Balash’s army fell to the concentrated efforts of the heroes and the silver dragon Odyssian, whose son was being held captive.

Balash met his demise on the roof of the keep where he was defeated then knocked off to his death below. However, upon their return to Cragfoot Keep later, the heroes found there was no trace of Balash’s body, nor his followers’.

Balash the Sanguine

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